Here is your weekly extra credit problem:

Week of 4/29 to 5/1

Reasoning An angle bisector of a triangle divides the opposite side of the triangle into segments 3 in. and 6 in. long. A second side of the triangle is 5 in. long. Find the length of the third side of the triangle. Explain how you arrived at the correct length.

Submit a correct solution, and you'll get 5 points on the next quiz or test you take.
Submit an incorrect answer, while following the guidelines below, and you will get 2 points.

Note: You may seek help from anyone, except me! This problem is to be turned in on Friday regardless of absenteeism.

Here's what I'm looking for:

1.) Rewrite the problem on 8.5 x 11" paper.
2.) Show all your work neatly.
3.) No crumpled papers!
4.) Name on paper
5.) Turned in as soon as you get to class.